Hi. My name is Bubba.

My owners went away over night
Would the kennel be this doggie’s plight?
Art’s Pet Sitting came thru for me
A happy pooch is what you see

Hi. My Name is Iggy.

My owners had to travel far away
But Art’s Pet Sitting saved the day
The TLC was oh so fine
I hope they travel all the time

Hi. My name is Yoshi.

My owner had a trip to make
What about me for goodness sake?
Don’t leave your doggie to any old fate
Art’s Pet Sitting treated me just great.

Hi. We are the Nelsons.

A doggie’s life can be pretty tough
Time for your pet can be pretty rough
Call Art’s Pet Sitting is what we say
And for heavens sake, do it today!

Hi. My name is Emmy.

Bob and Vicky left to adopt a little boy
Being left all alone did not bring me joy
Art’s Pet Sitting brought lots of TLC
And made a very happy kitty of me