1.Why hire a pet sitter?

Pets adjust better to their owner’s absence when they remain in their home. Advantages:
· reduced stress as your pet stays in a familiar surrounding
· no imposition on family and friends
· you are not upset by having to drop pet at a kennel
· diet and exercise routines are not interrupted
· no travel trauma
· minimal exposure to illnesses from other animals
· receive tender loving care while you are away
· flexibility if your plans change
· your home looks lived in
· email/phone updates while you’re not there (if you wish)

2. How do I know I am hiring a competent, trustworthy, honest service?

Hiring checklist:
Art's Pet Sitting
· National MembershipsMember Pet Sitters International (PSI)
· Business Registration/LicenseRegistered in RSM
· Liability InsuranceYes
· BondedYes
· ReferralsYes
· Emergency Pet Care ProcedureCPR/Rescue Breathing Trained
· Key SecurityKeys Tagged with Client ID#
· Contract and other formsYes. All clients receive copies.

3. How do I prepare my home and pet?

· Ensure there will be enough food, treats, kitty litter while you are away
· If pet on medication leave detailed instructions on its use
· Put ID tags on each pet
· Provide outdoor pets with secure enclosure and place for shelter
· Leave favorite toys for pet to play with
· Leave vets name, phone and address
· Show sitter where leashes, litter, food, bowls, medication (if needed) are kept


· Show sitter how to operate security system and make sure they try it
· Give sitter 2 sets of keys and watch while sitter locks and unlocks door
· Let sitter know if anyone else will be home or can have access while you are away
· Put potentially dangerous plants/decorations out of your pets reach
· Shut off rooms/areas where pets are not allowed
· Leave lights on if sitter will be coming after dark
· Give sitter information on how you can be contacted or if you can’t be contacted then
   the phone number of someone who can make decisions on your behalf